One stop shop: here’s your complete list of free things, virtual tours, online classes, DIYs and suggestions

For those of you quarantined in the home and suddenly homeschooling, you may be stressed about how to teach your kids (espcially the more difficult subjects). Thankfully there are a host of great online sources for you to peruse and choose from. We have compiled a list for you to click on and explore and will add to the list as more resources become available. Learning at home is fun; use this time as a bonding experience with your children.

Have fun!

1. Supercharged Science


3. Museums and Online Collections

4. Science Websites

5. MIT courses for free

6. Explore Mars

7. Free lunchtime art class with Mo Willems

8. Writing Prompts

9. Watch an Opera online

10. Free Ivy League courses

11. Virtual Field Trips

12. Virtual Tours, museums

13. Scholastic: learn at home projects

14. Home Safari at the Cincinatti Zoo, everday at 3 pm EST

15. Free one month trial to The Great Courses Plus

16. Free Coding Courses

1. Take 3 Free Scratch 3.0 Game Development Courses with CodaKid

Younger learners will love our Scratch courses, which teach absolute beginners how to make their own 2D video games which can be played with friends and family. Make an awesome Catch the Cat, Infinite Jumper, and Scratch Archery game, and learn important concepts such as variables, conditionals, and loops. These courses are given by some of the top kids coding academies in the world, and you get access to them for free. To access them please use the following instructions:

a) Go to
b) Click Add to Cart
c)Look for “Have a coupon code?” field
d) Enter code HOME-FUN
e) Click Apply
f) Enjoy your FREE CodaKid Scratch 3.0 courses

(You should not have to enter any credit card info to gain access here. If you are prompted to enter a credit card, please retry the instructions again, as the cart should be taken to $0).

Activity Time: 3-4 hours
Recommended Ages: 7+
Device Needed: Chromebook, PC, Mac

2. Make an Obstacle (Obby) Game using Roblox Studio

We have put together a free guide that will get your son or daughter started with this super-fun and free activity. When they are done, they will have completed a professional quality Obby video game that they can play with friends and family online. Imagine learning how to make your own video game using the game engine used by tens of thousands of professional around the world! Super-fun and highly educational!

To take the tutorial visit:

Activity Time: 3-4 hours
Recommended Ages: 9+
Device Needed: Mac or PC

3. Make a Custom Sword Mod for Minecraft

We created a fun written guide that will teach you how to create your own custom sword for Minecraft – and you don’t even need a retail version of Minecraft to do it! This project will be an excellent project for young techies ages 10+, or a terrific Father/Mother- Son/Daughter dual project for all ages. When you are done, you will have designed your own custom sword with special powers that you can play in the game. And even cooler is that you will learn the Java programming language on a professional text editor to bring your creation to life!

To take the free tutorial visit here:

Activity Time: 4-5 hours
Recommended Ages: 10+
Device Needed: Mac or PC

4. Make your Own Free Minecraft Server

Our dev team created a super fun guide that will teach you how to build your own Minecraft server from scratch for FREE. Your child or teen will build valuable STEM skills and gain confidence setting up a server that can be used to play Minecraft with friends and family!

To take the tutorial visit here:

Activity Time: 4-5 hours
Recommended Ages: 10+
Device Needed: Mac or PC
Subscription needed: You will need retail versions of Minecraft to play multiplayer with your friends.We hope that you enjoy these projects as much as we have enjoyed creating them!

17. someone else’s big list of resources

18. St. Patrick’s Day drawing with illustrator Ralph Masiello

19. Virtual Museums in Canada

20. Look at art in high resolution: Art Institute of Chicago

21. Astronauts read stories from space

22. 60 day free trial of audiobooks and podcasts for kids

23. Writing Prompts

24. Free Ranger Rick magazines

25. Watch penguins tour an aquarium

26. Interactive Math and Science Simulations

27. Physics Games

28. Free E-books

29. How-tos and recommendations for home learning

30. Prodigy math

31. Crash Course History

32. Learn a foreign language

33. Educational games and videos

34. Learning site for jr. high/high school

35. Collections and Archives

36. For Fun: virtual Disney rides

37. Virtual Tour National Parks

38. Physics games

39. Math and Science simulations

40. Physics simulations

41. Math Games

42. World Geography game app

43. Free coloring pages from museum collections

44. Upper level math and computer studies

45. (NOT free, but pretty awesome anyway) Shakepearean plays at the Globe Theatre

46. How-to homeschool video workshop

47. Free Audiobook Streaming from Audible

48. Disney course “Imagineering in a Box” (you might also want to check out “The Imagineering Story” on Disney Plus

49. Kennedy Space Center science lessons

50. Harry Potter themed digital Escape Room

51. Free online books

52. Free online audiobooks

53. At Home Speech Therapy

54. Cursive Worksheets

55. How to teach Nature Journaling

56. Inupiaq Indigenous Coloring Pages

57. Chicano Art Coloring Book

58. Residential School Podcasts

59. Free Workbook pages: Math, Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Writing

60. Elementary Math

61. Archeology

62. Reading Program

63. Chemistry

64. Indigenous educators teach short K-8 lessons

65. Homebound Online Conference March 23-27 with homeschool gurus Julie Bogart (Brave Writer) and Susan Wise Bauer (The Well-Trained Mind)

66. Livestream Reading of Shakespeare

67. Virtual Marine Biology Camp

68. Virtual Birding

69. Free and Reduced Rate Coding Class

70. Online YMCA classes

71. 30 Day Trial of Scribd

72. Kids’ Workout

73. Online Readers

74. Best Math Sites Online

75. Free Month Trial of Adventures in Odyssey Club

76. Music Education Games

77. Disney Performances

78. Youtube Workouts for Kids

79. Virtual Dissections (some have a fee, others are free)

80. Free Digital Cooking Classes for Kids

81. STEM Stories

82. Kids Discover Online (science and social studies)

83. 30 Day Trial of EPIC! Digital Library

84. Virtual Farm Tours

85. National Geographic Kids

86. Math Practice up to Algebra

87. Read-alouds done by famous people

88. Spanish Practice

89. Grammar Practice

90. Wide Variety Activities, Carmen Sandiego themed

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